Warning: This product contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
How do I change the atomizer?

How do I fill the tank?
Screw off the tip of the unit. Pour the liquid down the side, into the tank. Do not pour liquid in the center air flow tube. Do not fill the tank more than 80% of the way.

How to I take my SmokeTank apart?
All parts come apart and screw together easily. Please see the diagram below.

I noticed my SmokeTank gets very warm sometimes, is this normal?
YES. It will get warm and this is normal. Also, excessive use will cause unit to get VERY warm. It is suggested you use SmokeTank as you would a traditional cigarette - Take 10-12 drags over a 5 minute period and let it rest.

How long should the atomizer last?
This depends greatly on your individual habits. The atomizer can last from 1 week to 2 months. A good guideline would be to change your atomizer every 1-2 bottles of liquid. This equates to approximately 1-2 cartons of traditional cigarettes.
I can't get my SmokeTank to work
There are several things you can check for:
- Is the battery fully charged?
- When you press the button on the battery, does it light up? If not, press the button 6 times fast, your battery may be in "off" mode.
- Check the collar that goes on top of the battery is making contact with the smoke-tank. Screw it on as far as it will go.
- Make sure the button on the battery is pressed in while vaping.
- Is there liquid in the tank?
- Is there an atomizer in the unit? If so, change the atomizer to test.
- Is the airflow control open to one of the airflow holes?

You can also take the unit apart and put it back together again. There may be a connection issue. It is common when the unit is filled with new liquid that you have to draw from the unit several times to prime the unit to get it started.

How do I clean my SmokeTank?
Excluding the battery and atomizer, all components can be rinsed with warm water. Do not use soap or abrasives or place in a dishwasher. You can use a small thin tool, like a toothpick, to clean the air holes on the bottom air flow chamber.

Are there any special handling requirements?
You can carry it in your pocket - although not required, it is recommended to keep the tip facing up to keep the atomizer primed. As with any electrical device, try to avoid contact with other electrical devices or magnets. Although rare, this could cause interference. SmokeTank can be laid on it's side or any other direction.

How long should my SmokeTank battery last?
With normal use, 8-10 hours.

Why is my SmokeTank is leaking?
Your SmokeTank should never leak. There are 3 things to check for:

• Is the tip screwed on properly?
• When filling, did liquid get into the center air flow chamber?
• Is the atomizer screwed in properly?

Please make sure all of the above is correct. If the problem persists please contact customer service.

Why do I notice a "burnt" taste?
If you notice a slight burnt taste this means you do not have enough liquid in the tank. If your tank has more than 50% liquid and the problem persists, its time to change your atomizer. Please note, if you let your SmokeTank run too dry or try to vape without enough liquid it will take some time for the burnt taste to subside.