Warning: This product contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Can I fill my SmokeTip cartridge with the SmokeTank liquid?
No - SmokeTip cartridges come pre-filled.

Do 0mg cartridges contain any nicotine?
No - there is no nicotine in 0mg cartridges.

If I get a different nicotine level, will there be a difference in taste?
The flavor contetent in different strengths is the same but you will notice an increase in intensity as you go up in nicotine level.

How long will a cartridge last?
Each cartridge is equivalent to 1.25 packs of cigarettes. Puffs per cartridge is approx 250 puffs.

Why do my cartridges seem to be burning very quickly?
Vaping habits will change over time and it may seem some cartridges burn quicker than others. To check if there is a mailfunction please unscrew the cartridge then screw it back in. If you hear a "sizzle" sound this means your battery has liquid inside of it (uncommon). We suggest you clean the end where the cartridge scews into and try again. If it still happens dp not use the battery and open an RMA ticket for assistance.

From time to time, I notice a variation of color on my filter, is something wrong ?
No. packaging or color variation may appear at any time, this is normal.

Why do I notice a "burnt" taste?
If you notice a slight burnt taste this means your cartridge is empty. Replace with a new cartridge.