vMyst Kit
vMyst Kit

vMyst Kit

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Lemon Ice

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The taste will amaze you : ) vMYST is not a cigarette, contains no tobacco, it's not a vaporizer and it is not an ecig.

vMYST is the latest & safest device to be used as the most enjoyable alternative to smoking - a natural blend of dozens of very specific teas containing 0% tobacco giving you the most realistic taste.

Vaporizers & cigarettes burn (combust) tobacco regulating it's use. vMyst "warms" but does not burn or vaporize, yet it produces a gentle mist. It contains no local/national government or fda regulated ingredients. Years of hard work, perfected. Guaranteed to taste like nothing you've tried in the past.

This Kit Includes
(1) vMYST Warmer
(1) Pack (of 20) vTubes
(1) Charging Cord
(1) Cleaning Tool

Flavor Descriptions
Please keep in mind with all flavors, to put it bluntly, you need to give them a chance - this really is a unique experience unlike anything you may have tried in the past. Some flavors we needed to try several times to really appreciate the clean fresh tastes, that at the same time can also be bold. A unique and pleasureable experience to say the least.
Regular tastes very close to a European or Canadian cigarette (if you ever tried one) with a slight "wood" aroma & clean leaf taste. You will really notice the lack of impurities (sounds strange, yes) and the subtle flavor & nartural zest.
Lemon Ice is very similar to a menthol/mint taste, with a hint of lemon and tea. When you first try it, you will notice it may seem strong (similar to the reaction a non-menthol user will get) so take it slow (please) when starting. Took us 20-30 puffs to get used to this unique flavor - now we love it : )
Mojito tastes much closer to a voda mojito vs rum. A refreshing hint of lime & mint (more mint than lime) - if you try, you can catch the sugar taste, very subtle, very refreshing & great while drinking a Mojito : )
More descriptions & more flavors to come shortly!