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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Vaping Ban in Michigan Halted
On Tuesday 10/2/19 the Michigan Court of Claims reversed the ban on flavored ecigs - issuing a injunction against the ban. 

Judge Cynthia Diane stated the harm done to businesses outweighs the states interest in the possibility of the ban stopping youths from vaping. 

“Not only has plaintiff A Clean Cigarette lost a significant percentage of its sales and closed several stores due to the ban, the ban will force plaintiff to rebrand itself entirely,” she wrote. “In essence, the emergency rules will destroy plaintiff A Clean Cigarette’s business as it currently exists.”

A Clean Cigarette has 20 vape stores around the state and was one of two businesses that sued the state over the flavored vape ban. The other is the 906 Vapor vape shop in Houghton.

Michigan was the first state to issue a ban on flavored vapes with the claim that flavored liquids attract minors. 

Laurence from eCig City in a short video claims "... to ban flavored e-cigarettes - this is insane. Does this mean they will also ban alcohol, cigarettes and guns as well? No of coarse not, tobacco companies put big money in the pockets of the people that make the laws. Spice and THC are purchased on the black market and used in e-juice cartridges - these are filled with drugs".

Many seem to support the facts that "black market" and home made oils for vaping are the culprit when it comes to the recent health issues around vaping. Most health officials agree (as with anything you consume) when dealing with black market products and vaping devices using products off the street can be a dangerous combination.