Warning: This product contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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RMA -  An Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is a transaction whereby the recipient of a product arranges to return goods to the supplier to have the product repaired or replaced or in order to receive a refund or credit for another product from the same retailer or corporation within the product's warranty period.  SmokeTip.com 's  RMA procedure is in form of a pre-approval with specific numbers and letters included within the return address for ANY RETURN/EXCHANGE -

T&C - Terms & Conditions  -General and special arrangements, provisions, requirements, rules, specifications, and standards that form an integral part of an agreement or contract. 

SHIP DATE - The date in which a product/order leaves fulfillment center/manufacturer and is shipped to customer.  SmokeTip.com' s ship date ( next business day from placement -    is when order is pulled in from "awaiting fulfillment " to create a label for packaging, resulting in a tracking number provided by USPS.    Notification of shipment will be made immediately with hold time of 24 hours for tracking to show progress.  Order will then be filled (after packing label/slip is generated) and held until USPS picks up at fulfillment location.  Orders may be processed on Weekends, Holidays and/ or After-Hours :  NONE of which are  ship dates.  Ship date is the next business day - Monday through Friday Business Schedule.

PROCESSED ( Awaiting USPS pickup ) - The date in which a product/order is pulled in to main system, packing label/slip is generated and holding on pick up from USPS .   * On Holidays, Weekends or After -Hours,  an order may be processed but not shipped ( picked up from USPS)  until following business day ( which is the ship date )

AWAITING FULFILLMENT:  Order is accepted and is holding on packing label/slip to be generated. 

BILLING ADDRESS:  The address to which a Customer's credit card is registered.   It is used to help verify that the Customer is the actual owner of the credit card he/she is using. (see AVS)

PENDING Status ( Declined Order) :  A declined transaction will show up on your bank/credit card statement but will not clear from SmokeTip.com.  If your transaction was declined for any reason ( Causes can vary:  Your billing information does not match your credit card, Invalid Credit Card Number, Card Has Expired ,Insufficient Funds, etc... )  - a pending status will register with your bank/credit card  ( depending upon financial institution rules)  - it can take 5-7 business days to clear.  SmokeTip.com does not decline your transaction.  If your transaction is declined , it has nothing to do with the merchant and can not be forced to created an approved transaction . SmokeTip.com does not contact bank/financial institutions to remove pending decline from one's account.  Bank will remove pending status decline in time-frame of their guidelines.  ** Customers can NOT borrow against the pending ( decline ) charge .  Specific decline amount is left in pending status for 5-7 business days . If you move, even if the bill is received at new address , you must notify bank to switch the AVS address over to NEW address as well - otherwise, old address will remain for Billing address.

FAQ -  Frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers, all commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic. CC -    Credit Card Number

AVS - The Address Verification System (AVS) is a system used to verify the address of a person claiming to own a credit or debit card . The system will check the billing address of the credit or debit card provided by the user with the address on file at the credit card company.  The other security features for the credit card include the CVV2  number. AVS is used when the merchant verifies credit card or debit data, such as billing address and zip code, against the Credit Card or Debit billing information of the cardholder ( must match the address that was given by the customer ) . If your transaction is denied , it has nothing to do with the merchant and can not be forced to created an approved transaction .  If you move, even if the bill is received at new address , you must notify bank to switch the AVS address over to NEW address as well - otherwise, old address will remain for Billing address.

SHAZAM SECURITY CODE :   SecureCode™ is a service that helps protect MasterCard® SHAZAMChek Debit card accounts against unauthorized Internet transactions by using identity information established between an individual cardholder and his or her financial institution. If your transaction is denied , It has nothing to do with the merchant and can not be forced to created an approved transaction . 

TIED ACCOUNT:  Something that connects or unites creating a link.  Examples of SmokeTip.com 's tied account referring to RMAs and/or Online Orders - Including, but not limited to : Same household, Biller to a different Shipper, Same Email accounts.  Only one occurrence needs to happen to be defined as a tied account.  We do not remove any tied name or email at any time.

ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE:  An electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cigarette, e-cig, smokeless cigarette, or vape, is an electrical device that simulates the act of tobacco smoking by producing an inhaled vapor bearing the physical sensation, appearance, and flavor  (with or without nicotine content) of inhaled tobacco smoke, without its odor or, ostensibly, its health risks. The primary use of the electronic cigarette is as an alternative to tobacco smoking.

HOST -  A computer connected to the Internet or another IP-based network  ( EX:  @yahoo.com, @aol.com, @gmail.com )

ISP - Internet service provider (ISP) is an organization that provides access to the Internet. Internet service providers can be either community-owned and non-profit , or privately owned and for-profit.  Access ISPs directly connect clients to the Internet using copper wires, wireless or fiber-optic connections.

CVV  - The card security code (CSC), sometimes called Card Verification Data (CVD), Card Verification Value (CVV or CVV2), Card Verification Value Code (CVVC), Card Verification Code (CVC or CVC2), Verification Code (V-Code or V Code), or Card Code Verification (CCV) are different terms for security features for credit or debit card  transactions, providing increased protection against credit card fraud.  (3 digits on back of card of (MC) MASTERCARD, VISA & DISCOVER ;  (AMEX) AMERICAN EXPRESS - 4 digits on front of card )

MOD -  A MOD ( in general)  is a modification of an item to turn it into a vaping device and not what the E-cig industry recognizes as an electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette mod or modification is an improvement on the original product or a completely "home made" heavy duty e-cigarette.  MOD’s generally use large amounts of energy to generate large amounts of vapor for the user’s satisfaction. Batteries can and do explode when not used within their specific parameters. This does not apply to only Electronic cigarettes - any product that uses batteries for their usage,  also have the same dangers. Using batteries or modifying any product outside of what they have been designed for,  will increase your chances of having a dangerous situation that can occur.

UPS - United Parcel Service, Inc. ( UPS ) , is a package delivery company.

FED EX - FedEx Corporation  originally known as FDX Corporation, is a logistics services company, based in the United States .  The name "FedEx" is a syllabic abbreviation of the name of the company's original air division, Federal Express

RTS - Return to Sender : Reasons , including but not limited to : Postage due, Invalid RMA , and/ or incomplete mailing address.  If a package has an RTS , it can take up to two weeks from ship date of refusal, to return to original sender.

USPS - The United States Postal Service (also known as USPS, the Post Office or U.S. Mail) is an independent agency of the United States government responsible for providing postal service in the United States.  Shipping Methods:  First class 3 to 5  business days from ship date, Priority  1 to 3 business days from ship date & Parcel Post 7-10 business days from ship date.  **May vary up to one day delay after all promotions, holidays & inclement weather (depending upon location)

USB - Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an industry standard developed in the mid-1990s that defines the cables, connectors and communications protocols used in a  bus for connection, communication and power supply between computers and electronic devices.  SmokeTip.com 's USB charger is the main accessory needed to charge the battery (can be used in USB port on computer alone or in SmokeTip.com Wall Adapter) 

GC -  Gift certificates generally are upfront payment in exchange for a certificate or card, which can be redeemed later for goods or services by the holder of a specified value from the issuer

ETA - The estimated time of arrival or ETA is a measure of when a ship, vehicle, aircraft, cargo, emergency service or computer file is expected to arrive at a certain place. One of the more common uses is in public transportation  where the movements of trains, buses, airplanes and the like can be used to generate estimated times of arrival depending on either a static timetable or through measurements on traffic intensity.

PRG - Product Replacement Guideline(s) -   A plan or explanation  to guide one in setting standards  or determining a course of action .  SmokeTip.com 's Product Replacement Guidelines can be found on home page of help desk  - used for providing return information for replacements, exchanges,refunds and special circumstances .

Wall/USB Combo - Wall Adapter & USB charger -

Standard Size Battery  - 180 mAh: 63.5mm (2.5in) long x 9mm diameter A Standard size battery will last for an average smoker 3 hours to 3 days depending upon usage.  For a heavier smoker (2-4 packs a day) , the battery will last 1-2 hours.

350 Battery -  350 mAh :102mm (4in) long x 9mm diameter.  A 350 size battery will last for an average smoker 6 hours to 6 days depending upon usage.  For a heavier smoker (2-4 packs a day) , the battery will last 2-4 hours.

NEW Battery - NEW style batteries were offered on site Effective: 07/26/2011 within the NEW Battery/Charger combo &   Effective:  09/03/2011 within Kits and Online Purchases of Standard Size batteries / Replacements issued or Free option with 3 refills or more & Effective:  04/06/2012 with 350 Online Purchases or Replacements.   Upgrade/Benefit: Better circuit boards (2 in each battery) - individual components on board are better -   thicker wiring (which eliminates shorting),  & stronger lithium battery ( better ability to hold a charge)  Life Cycle:  The battery will  NOT operate longer per charge, but should FAIL / BREAKDOWN less.

Difference for customers with OLD & NEW Style Batteries -

                  1)  NEW Style batteries must only be charged in the NEW Charger

                  2)  OLD Style batteries can be charged in OLD style & NEW style Charger

                  3)  NEW style battery has a visible center hole difference - it is much smaller than OLD style

NEW Wall Adapter & NEW USB charger -  NEW style Wall/USB Combo (aka.. Charger Combo) was offered on site Effective: 07/26/2011 within the NEW Battery/Charger combo &   Effective:  09/03/2011 within Kits and Online Purchases of Wall Adapter or USB Charger,  as a Combo , or Replacements issued .

Difference for customers with OLD & NEW Style Charger Combos-

                  1)  NEW style wall/usb combo have white dots on the units

                  2)  Will charge OLD & NEW Style Batteries

                  3)  NEW wall adapter will remain green at all times, only the USB CHARGER has variation of color

Travel Charger Case  - Case designed to charge your batteries on-the-go.  Just plug into any usb port or SmokeTip.com Wall Adapter to fully charge the on-board battery for on-the-go power!  Wirelessly charge your batteries upto 3 times per charge. NEW style batteries can now be charged on Travel Chargers on site Effective : 12/22/2011

Battery Maintenance - Suggested cleaning should be done for an average smoker every 3-4 weeks where as a heavier smoker should clean once a week  More information on cleaning can be found at https://smoketip.zendesk.com/entries/71433-battery-maintenance  Overtime, nicotine can build up in the air vent holes and could hinder performance. If you have a clogged battery , it will burn through your cartridges faster.