Warning: This product contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Eight Reasons to Stop “Smoking” and Start “Vaping” E-cigs

If you still smoke traditional cigarettes you surely have noticed the places you can pull out your Bic and legally light up a smoke continue to disappear. Long gone are the days when the most fashionable celebrities and smartest business people seemed to always have a smoldering cigarette in hand. Smoking cigarettes is now considered dirty, dangerous and can make people look down on you. 

Of course, some smokers couldn’t care less about smoking bans and what’s hip and what’s not. That said, there’s still some really great reasons to snuff out that cigarette, toss your ashtray and switch to e-cigarettes. 

Here’s eight of them:

1. E-cigs create the same experience as traditional cigarettes – From inhale to exhale, e-cigs mimic the experience of smoking dried tobacco. For most people, smoking has never just been about getting a nicotine boost. It’s about the process – taking a drag, tasting the flavor, feeling the opening of your lungs and exhaling a plume of smoke. By using e-cigs – which also is called vaping – you can capture that complete experience without a lot of the negatives of traditional cigarettes.

2. E-cigs come with different levels of nicotine – Today you can buy e-cigs with a variety of nicotine levels, such as 18 mg, 16mg, 12 mg, 6 mg and without any nicotine at all. Because of this, if you wish to cut back on your nicotine usage (nicotine is an addictive stimulant) you can do so without losing the tobacco flavor you enjoy. If fact, most e-cig makers offer completely nicotine-free electronic cigarettes.

3. E-cigs are less costly – Traditional cigarette pricing can vary by area, but for the most part you will find that e-cigs are much less expensive. For example, at SmokeTip.com you can buy a 10-pack of cartridges – the equivalent 1.25 cartons – starting at $15.95 (as of July 2015). 

4. No smoke or ashes – While the traditional puff of fresh tobacco smoke is a pleasant smell to most smokers, the smell of stale cigarette smoke is something few enjoy. Tobacco smoke can cling to clothing, hair and furnishings and be a tough scent to erase. E-cigs spare you not only from inhaling carcinogenic tobacco smoke with hundreds of toxic chemicals, but also the odor the smoke leaves behind. This means you, your home, your car, etc., no longer smell like an ashtray. You also don’t have to deal with ashes falling onto your clothing and other belongings, or the mess of a dirty ashtray.

5. Flavors and more flavors – Nowadays you can find a vast variety of e-liquids, which are the flavorings for e-cigs. Of course, tobacco flavoring is a very popular choice. But flavors range from fruity (cherry, peach, green apple and blueberry, for example) to richer flavors such as chocolate, clove, coffee and vanilla. If you’re feeling adventurous, some companies sell refillable cartridges that allow for you to add your own mix of e-liquid flavors.

6. Simple to operate – E-cigs are designed with simplicity in mind. For traditional smokers, there are e-cigs that look like cigarettes and work much the same, minus the real flame. For most e-cigs, you simply screw the battery part of the device to the mouthpiece and take a drag to activate it. Within seconds the battery has allowed the e-liquid to be heated and for you to receive a burst of flavorful smoke-like vapor. When the cartridge is empty, you can – depending on style and brand – refill with a pre-filled cartridge or with e-liquid.

7. Smoke in more places – While confusion about e-cigarettes is causing them to be banned from certain places, in most cases you can find a spot to puff on your e-cig far easier than you can to smoke an old-style cigarette. Thanks to a quickly dissipating vapor that does not smell and linger like tobacco smoke, you can discretely smoke in places without people even knowing.

8. No flames – From children playing with lighters to forgotten cigarettes left in an ashtray, many fires are started each year due to the use of traditional cigarettes. E-cigs take away the flame. Now if you doze off after a long day and are holding an e-cig it won’t burn a hole through your favorite shirt, the couch or much worse. Perhaps it goes without saying, but keep in mind e-cigs aren’t for kids and aren’t toys. Therefore, they should be kept out of the reach of children.

If you are already an e-cig fan, then you can probably think of many more reasons why e-cigs are better than the old-fashioned cigarette. There truly are a lot. But for those considering the switch, the above eight should give you some compelling reasons to give up smoking and try vaping.