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  • Atomizers (5 per set)
    Atomizers (5 per set)
    SmokeTank uses DOUBLE coil atomizers to ensure your liquid vaporizes properly. Atomizers last 1 to 6 weeks depending on usage. When your SmokeTank unit's vapor production decreases, replace the atomizer. As a general rule,...
  • Batteries
    Need an extra battery? Your choice of traditional white, black, chrome or pink. Our 180mAh lithium batteries work with all SmokeTip cartridges. This battery requires our charger with a white dot. MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS ...
  • Battery & Charger Combo
    Battery & Charger Combo
    GREAT OFFER! You get (1) 180mah lithium battery (works with all SmokeTip Cartridges), (1) Wall Adapter & (1) USB Charger. Save 40%+ over purchasing these items separately - Specifications 63.5mm (2.5in) long x 9mm...
  • Battery Processing
    Battery Processing
    If you have chosen to have your battery shipped, please use the form above.   Battery Safety  : Click here //...
  • Car Charger
    Car Charger
    On the go! Never run out of power with our car charger. High quality & works on any standard car power socket. Comes with car adapter & usb charger.  SpecificationsDC in 5 Volts   Electrical Device...
  • Cartridge Exchange
    Cartridge Exchange
    If you received an approval to exchange cartridges please choose the quantity of 10 packs you are sending back to exchange above. Please note that only unopened 10 packs can be exchanged. //...
  • Cartridges
  • Disposable Electronic Cigarette
    Disposable Electronic Cigarette
    Save and get 5 for only $39.90! Our disposable electronic cigarettes gives you about 500 puffs each! (equal to about 50 traditional cigarettes or 2.5 packs). The tip glows green so smoking in public will let others know you...
  • eCig Clip
    eCig Clip
    Clip it anywhere! Compatible with our SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette and our SmokeTank Vaporizer. Great for your desk, end table, car or any hard smooth surface! Comes with 3M tape on the back & ready to go...
  • Electronic Cigars
    Electronic Cigars
    Enjoy the taste and sensation of your favorite cigar without the smoke! Our disposable E-Cigar gives you 1000+ puffs (equal to about 12+ cigars) of great cigar flavor that can be used anywhere. Will last days or...
  • Flavor of the Week: Vanilla
    Flavor of the Week: Vanilla
    only $8 per 5 pack! There is no limit on the number of 5 packs you can buy, but these purchases are not counted towards the free battery or free kit promotion...
  • Free Cartridges
    Free Cartridges
    FREE 5 PACK! Just spend $35 on any SmokeTip products then add your choice of flavor above to your cart and use coupon code FlavorBlast during checkout to get it...
  • Liquids
  • Replacement Battery
    Replacement Battery
    Smoketip replacement battery.
  • SmokeTank
    SmokeTank is a refillable vaporizer for people that like to have more control over how they vape.   FEATURES 1) You can refill the tank 2) Longer battery life 3) You can customize the amount of vapor being...
  • SmokeTank Batteries
    SmokeTank Batteries
    Need an extra battery? Your choice of white, black, chrome or pink. Our 650mAh lithium batteries work perfect with your SmokeTank Vaporizer. Specifications3"...

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