E-Cigarette Etiquette

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E-Cigarette Etiquette Should you fight for your right to vape? Or should you abide by smoking bans that lump electronic cigarettes in with traditional tobacco ones? It can be a tough call, especially when many people see very little difference between old school smokes and e-cigs...
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The History of E-Cigarettes

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The History of E-Cigarettes

When Herbert Gilbert, a scrapyard worker from Pennsylvania, patented what he called a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” in 1963, the response was underwhelming.

People wondered why it was needed. They could already smoke anywhere – including at work, in hospital rooms, on airplanes, in stores – why did they need such a device? 

Some doctors at that time had speculated that smoking tobacco was unhealthy, but it wasn’t until 1964 when the U.S. Surgeon General released a report that held cigarette smoking responsible for a 70 percent increase in the mortality rate of smokers over non-smokers. The increase was due to ailments such as cancer, emphysema and coronary heart disease...

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Fire Hazard?

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Fire Hazard? With e-cigarettes there is no lighter, no matches, no burning embers and no smoke. They are powered by a battery that within seconds turns a liquid flavoring – and in many case nicotine – into a vapor that can be inhaled. In the process, the e-cigs themselves typically remain cool to the touch and do not create a haze of tobacco smoke...
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Nicotine – The Organic Stimulant That Caught Fire

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Nicotine – The Organic Stimulant That Caught Fire

And how today’s e-cigarettes let users control the amount of nicotine they puff.

Many of us have probably at one time or another smoked a cigarette. Maybe it was just a couple of puffs as a rebellious teenager. Or perhaps as a tired college student looking for a mental boost to get through an all-night study session. Regardless, you probably noticed a few things even if you only smoked once or twice. You might recall the taste of the tobacco, the smell of the smoke, the feeling of it filling your lungs and that subsequent little buzz. That brain buzz you felt was from the nicotine in the tobacco...

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