Eight Reasons to Stop “Smoking” and Start “Vaping” E-cigs

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Eight Reasons to Stop “Smoking” and Start “Vaping” E-cigs If you still smoke traditional cigarettes you surely have noticed the places you can pull out your Bic and legally light up a smoke continue to disappear. Long gone are the days when the most fashionable celebrities and smartest business people seemed to always have a smoldering cigarette in hand. Smoking cigarettes is now considered dirty, dangerous and can make people look down on you...
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eCigarettes and Vaporizers – What’s the Difference?

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eCigarettes and Vaporizers – What’s the Difference? If you’re torn between buying an electronic cigarette and a vaporizer because you are confused about the difference, you are not alone. 

Since battery-powered devices that produce a nicotine vapor started appearing alongside old-fashioned cigarettes more than a decade ago, many have wondered how they work. At first, many e-cigarettes tried to mimic the look of traditional cigarettes and win over those who had grown tired of inhaling toxic smoke from burning tobacco – or trying to find a place to smoke among so many non-smoking areas...
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What are E-cigs?

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What are E-cigs? Gone are the days when having a cigarette needs to cause a plume of what some consider a stinky, objectionable cloud of smoke. In fact, even those who in the past smoked traditional, light ‘em up cigarettes are turning to e-cigs to get a nicotine boost without having to venture outdoors or to one of the dwindling number of acceptable smoking areas that are set aside these days...
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