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  • Batteries

    Need an extra battery? Your choice of traditional white, black, chrome or pink. Our 180mAh lithium batteries work with all SmokeTip cartridges. This battery requires our charger with a white dot. MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS ...
  • Battery & Charger Combo

    Battery & Charger Combo
    GREAT OFFER! You get (1) 180mah lithium battery (works with all SmokeTip Cartridges), (1) Wall Adapter & (1) USB Charger. Save 40%+ over purchasing these items separately - Specifications 63.5mm (2.5in) long x 9mm...
  • Car Charger

    Car Charger
    On the go! Never run out of power with our car charger. High quality & works on any standard car power socket. Comes with car adapter & usb charger.  SpecificationsDC in 5...
  • Disposable Electronic Cigarette

    Disposable Electronic Cigarette
    Save and get 5 for only $39.90! Our disposable electronic cigarettes gives you about 500 puffs each! (equal to about 50 traditional cigarettes or 2.5 packs). The tip glows green so smoking in public will let others know you...
  • Electronic Cigars

    Electronic Cigars
    Enjoy the taste and sensation of your favorite cigar without the smoke! Our disposable E-Cigar gives you 1000+ puffs (equal to about 12+ cigars) of great cigar flavor that can be used anywhere. Will last days or...
  • SmokeTip Carry Case

    SmokeTip Carry Case
    Our sleek black case will hold SmokeTip batteries, cartridges and USB charger. Slim enough to slide in any pocket. Specifications 4.25" long 2.75" wide .75"...
  • SmokeTip Cleaning Kit

    SmokeTip Cleaning Kit
    Help keep your battery running strong and keep your cartridges tasting fresh with our convenient cleaning kit. Enough supplies to clean your SmokeTip upto 6 months. Instructions for use right on the box. Comes With: (10)...
  • SmokeTip Lanyard

    SmokeTip Lanyard
    The easiest way to carry your fully assembled SmokeTip! Simply attached the tip of your battery to the lanyard and place around your neck - length can be adjusted. Made of heavy duty braded nylon and a unique vented rubber...
  • USB Charger

    USB Charger
    Our USB Charger is a very convenient way to keep your SmokeTip fully charged. Just plug it into any working USB port and you're ready to go!
  • USB Extended Charger

    USB Extended Charger
    Don't have easy access to a usb slot? No Problem! Use this handy USB Charger with extended cord. Specifications 5 Volts28" Long Cord
  • USB Passthrough

    USB Passthrough
    Accessory connects directly to your computer's USB port and allows you to smoke without using your battery. Simply screw in a cartridge for continuous use. Specifications 5 Volts Battery Safety  : Click...
  • Wall & USB Charger

    Wall & USB Charger
    You get (1) Wall Adapter & (1) USB charger. Specifications Input: 100~240v 50/60 Hz, 0.1A max, Output: 4.7V, 0.08A USB 5...
  • Wall Adapter

    Wall Adapter
    Our high quality wall adapter will charge your SmokeTip in about 2-3 hours. Must be used with the USB charger above. Plugs into any standard outlet. Specifications Input: 100~240v 50/60 Hz, 0.1A max, Output: 4.7V, 0...
  • Travel Charger Case

    Travel Charger Case
    Wirelessly charge your batteries upto 3 times per charge. Just plug into any usb or wall adapter to fully charge the on-board battery for on-the-go power! Holds one battery, two cartridges and has 2 charging indicator lights...
  • 350mAh Battery

    350mAh Battery
    Double the power! Our 350mAh lithium battery will give you almost double the use time. Comes in white with an orange light and charges with standard SmokeTip chargers. Please note this battery is longer and heavier and will...