SmokeTip® Switch

SmokeTip® Switch

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  • New Customers:Never tried SmokeTip? Now you can try the worlds most enjoyable electronic cigarette for free! You will get a SmokeTip battery, charger and you can choose your strength and flavor cartridge below. Simply add to cart and use the coupon code SmokeTipSwitch and new customers will be charged nothing : )


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New & Existing Customers
One per customer, address and email. Although this offer is for new SmokeTip customers, if you are an existing customer you can purchase this kit for only $29. If any of your information (name email, address, phone) is in our system you will be charged $29 even if the coupon is used - this includes IP address and proxy connected accounts.

Includes Everything You Need!

(1) SmokeTip® Lithium Battery
(1) Flavor Cartridge
(1) USB Charger

Cartridge Strengths
00mg = No Nicotine
06mg = Ultra Light
12mg = Light
16mg = Full
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